Rojocabeza2.jpg (8985 bytes)  Here you find our selection of accessories for your canary needs.

Drinkers,   Feeders,   Nests,   Perches,   Pads,   Plastic Eggs,   Cages  and  more......

We ship UPS ground to mainland U.S. and Canada delivery addresses only. To place an order, please send us an email with the description of the item, the quantity you wish to order, ship to address and how to contact you.  Shipping and handling charges will be added according to your zip code.  We will confirm your order by email.

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Clear plastic, size 1.25" D x 3" H
Washable, durable and practical.

Price: $ 1.50 each


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Plastic, off white color, size 12 1/4"
2 different settings for wire width
Price: $ 2.00 each. (dozen minimum order)
Plastic, Beige color, size 9" L
Price: $ 1.25 each (dozen minimum order)


Plastic Eggs

Sky blue color, package of 12

Price: $ 4.00 each. Pkg.

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Nest Pads

Wool, shades according to availability (white & ivory).  Machine washable, tumble dry.
Price: $ 3.50 each. (Half a dozen minimum order)

English Budgerigar Collapsable
Breeding Cages

Galvanized wire, strong and durable
Size 33" 1/2 Long by 13" Wide by 15" High

Complete with Wire Divider, removable grill for easy cleaning and four doors to attach nest boxes according to styles.

Assembles in 15 seconds. Only 20 in stock

Price: $ 75.00 each

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